Spectral Viewer

spectral viewer logoAn OpenSource (Spectral) Image viewer that supports several images formats: ENVI (spectral), exr, png, jpg.
The documentation for the ENVI file format can be found here:Harris Geospatial ENVI file format.
The full project is available on INRIA gitlab.



Latest Release

Windows (x64)

A Windows Installer (x64) can be downloaded from here: SpectraViewer2.7b x64

Continuous Release



For MacOS you can download a package from the latest build: SpectraViewer Latest MacOS x64


For Linux you can download an AppImage from the latest build:.

Building From Source

You can also compile Spectral Viewer from the source code.
You will need the followings tools:

To get the source code go to INRIA gitlab. or use:
git clone https://gitlab.inria.fr/adufay/SpectralViewer.git

For better performances, it is recommanded to have eigen installed on your machine. You can get it from here: EIGEN.


Spectral Viewer is built on the MRF framework, it includes MRF as a git submodule.
After cloning the Spectral viewer repository from gitlab, you must intialize the mrf submodule using the following commands:
git submodule init
git submodule update

Known issues

When compiling I get the following errors:
Cannot find mrf/color/color.hpp
Cannot find ...
Did you forget to initialize the MRF git submodule ? In that case, read the MRF section first.